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AR Coated Plano-convex Lens

  • Product NameAR Coated Plano-convex Lens
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    AR coated Plano-convex lenses typically used for focusing and collecting?light in optical instruments. AR coated plano-convex lenses are normally made of crown glasses?like N-BK7,Website:, N-BAK4 and N-SF11 or equivalent. Anti-reflection (AR) coated?plano convex lenses increase the good transmission of lenses, increase?its optical performance. We provide single layer anti-reflection coating and broadband AR coating, 350-650nm, 400-700nm and 425nm-675nm, etc. 0°angle of incidence and 45°.Plano-convex lens is our very regular lenses. We offer the lenses with very competitive prices.Production capabilities: Lens form: Plano-convex Diameter available: 2.5mm dia to 700mm Diameter tolerance: +/-0.01mm Surface quality: 60-40 or better Irregularity: Lambda/4 or Lambda/2 Focal length Tolerance: +/-1% Material: N-BK7, N-SF5, N-SF11, UV grade fused silica (JGS1 and JGS3), etc. Coating: Singlet layer anti-reflection coating @550nm R<0.5%, or broadband anti-reflection coating @350-650nm, 400-700nm, 650-1050nm, 980nm and 1054nm, R<0.5% We also produce plano-convex lenses as per drawings or specifications.Diameter(mm)EFL (mm)Center thickness(mm)Material38.15012N-BK738.163.58N-BK738.1757.3N-BK738.11006.5N-BK738.11505.1N-BK738.12004.3N-BK738.15004N-BK776.230011.7N-BK776.240010.5N-BK776.25009.7N-BK776.210008.4N-BK7FAQ, How?does reversing the orientation of a plano-convex lens affect the EFL and BFL in a setup ?Answer: Reversing the orientation of a plano-convex lens, pointing the convex side toward the source rather than the plano side, will maintain the location of the principle planes but will vary the back focal length. Effective focal length is measured from the principle plane so it's?unchanged. BFL is a mechanical measurement and purely arbitrary. If the lens is reversed then this distance is now measured from the plano side to where the incident light focuses.