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Uncoated Plano-convex Lens

  • Product NameUncoated Plano-convex Lens
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    Uncoated plano-convex lenses are made from glasses like UV grade fused silica,Website:, H-K9L and IR materials. Uncoated plano-convex lenses are flat on one side and with a precision convex surface on another side. Uncoated plano-convex lenses are used to focus, collect and collimate the light to one point. It’s the best choice to focus parallel light to a single point. They are useful in lasers, detectors and fiber optics. Our precision plano-convex lenses are polished to tight tolerances minimizing wave?front distortion. Low cost and fast delivery are available from us.Common specifications: Material: H-K9L, UV grade fused silica, JGS1, JGS3, LASFN9 and H-ZF13, etc. Diameter: from 2.5 to 500mm Tolerance: +/-0.05 Surface quality: 40-20 or 60-40 Irregularity: Lambda/2 Bevel: protected bevel as requested. Coating: Uncoated or AR coated for visible or UV. RoHS For custom made lenses, please send us drawings.Diameter(mm)EFL(mm)Material6.356.4H-K9L6.3512.7H-K9L6.3519H-K9L6.3525.4H-K9L6.3538.1H-K9L6.3550.2H-K9L6.3575.6H-K9L6.3588.2H-K9L6.35100H-K9L810H-K9L825H-K9L830H-K9L840H-K9L850H-K9L1040H-K9L1055H-K9L1147H-K9L1220H-K9L12.719H-K9L12.725.4H-K9L12.738.1H-K9L12.750.2H-K9L12.762.9H-K9L12.775.6H-K9L12.788.3H-K9L12.7100H-K9L12.7150H-K9L12.7200H-K9L12.7250H-K9L1560H-K9L1575H-K9L2080H-K9L20100H-K9L2530H-K9L2535H-K9L2540H-K9L2550H-K9L25.425.4H-K9L25.450.2H-K9L25.462.9H-K9L25.488.3H-K9L25.4100H-K9L25.4113H-K9L25.4150H-K9L25.4175H-K9L25.4225H-K9L25.4300H-K9L25.4600H-K9L25.4750H-K9L50.862.9H-K9L50.875.6H-K9L50.888.3H-K9L50.8125H-K9L50.8150H-K9L50.8175H-K9L50.8200H-K9L50.8300H-K9L50.8500H-K9L50.8750H-K9L76.2200H-K9L