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N-BK7 Optical Lens

    Detailed Description

    Optical lenses are optical components used to focus and diverge light. Optical lenses are widely used in variety of applications like microscopy and laser processing. Optical lenses are also used in life sciences, imaging industrial and defense. We offer optical lenses with materials such as N-BK7, UV grade fused silica and IR materials. We offer plano convex lenses, plano concave lenses, bi-convex lenses, bi-concave lenses, meniscus lenses, achromatic lenses and ball lenses with in-time delivery and competitive prices.Custom capabilities:?Dia. range: 2.5mm-650mm?Dia. tolerance: +0/-0.05mm?Thickness tolerance: +0/-0.05mm Surface quality: 40-20 or 20-10 Surface accuracy: Lambda/4 EFL tolerance: +/-1% Coating: MgF2 single layer anti-reflection coating and anti-reflection coating for visible wavelengths and NIR-visible wavelengths.Diameter: 5.5mm +0-0.05mm?Center thickness: 1.5mm R1: 5.95mm R2: Plano Material: UV grade fused silica Uncoated.